Our Approach

Group Seflie

"It is in collectivities that we find reservoirs of

hope and optimism"

-Angela Y. Davis

Optimistic Theory uses group processes of occupational therapy to bring the best out of each person at every level in each group. Occupational therapy enables people to do all the meaningful activities they need to do, want to do, or expected to do. Groups are designed by Dr. Conners based on the profile of today's modern and busy adult. Although each person is unique, most adults have similar interests, needs, barriers, and strengths that can be used to develop something special. Our groups are wellness and prevention focused yet arrangements can be made for specific group/member needs.

We've designed our experiences based on feedback from today's adults. Each group has a specific focus, paired with activities meant to give, re-teach, or strengthen skills of each member. Get or gift a monthly membership to one of our amazing in-person and/or virtual groups. Ready to take a much needed break? Our silent retreats will guide your quest to detour from busy for an intimate moment in time. Mental Health First Aid trainings can be scheduled & provided upon request according to the needs of the interested party. Have a group experience you're interested in making a reality?! Schedule a consultation with us! We provide strategic solutions to support your vision.