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Questions Asked

We know you're curious about working with us. Even more so about silence, how everything works, and what to expect as you prepare for your first or next retreat.

Here are questions you've asked us to answer for you...

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Does Optimistic Theory have a retreat center?

Optimistic Theory doesn't have a physical retreat center. We are a mobile silent retreat company which means we come to you! This includes homes, offices, private and public spaces, retreat centers booked by clients, virtual spaces and more. Our goal is to help you "retreat where you are"! 


I want to do the free consultation. What should I expect?

You can expect a 30 minute virtual session or phone call exploring retreat options. After the consultation, you have the option to experience a mini silent session (up to 30 minutes). This helps clients book us with confidence. It's a fun way to get a preview of what's to come!


I want to retreat with a few people. Would you do that?

Yes! We enjoy smaller, intimate groups. That's how we started out. We love groups of ALL sizes though. We've hosted small groups, couples, parent/teens, partners, besties, and more. This year, we plan to expand to larger groups and venues! 


Will Optimistic Theory travel to me to lead a retreat?

Absolutely! We'll ask about those details and more during our consultation. We can talk about logistics, your goals, and your group when we meet! We're accepting domestic and international clients right now. ;)

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