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Meet Our
(C)hief (E)xecutive (O)ptimist

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I genuinely, like really, really love people.


Growing up in St. Louis, MO with a big, blended, loving family shaped me into the woman I am today. My spirit glows, love flows, & lifting others up is a must. My Mom instilled compassion in me & my Dad always reminded me I could do anything. Seeing examples of trust, patience, and generosity with others placed an optimistic lens over my eyes that forever changed me.

I found my life's work.

I created Optimistic Theory in my mid 20's. My bubbly, hopeful demeanor abruptly met the realness of the world. I was told my smile wouldn't last. So, my question became: Can I remain optimistic as an adult? I was frustrated with being constantly told adulthood means growing towards grumpiness.


I had to do something.

Optimistic Theory is passionate about creating fun, freeing experiences for today's modern and busy adult. In an "always on" culture, we know it's daunting to "turn off". The good news is we can do something fun about it: de-stress together. Studies show that being with your team, support system, or squad is an effective way to manage stress. Over the past few years, I have helped hundreds of people PAUSE, learn relaxation skills, and feel grounded using in person and virtual group silent experiences. 


We're reintroducing rest and relaxation.


With expertly crafted & curated wellness experiences, refreshing retreats, engaging trainings, and creative consulting services, you have a new place to slow down and recharge. Welcome to a place for adults of all ages, abilities, and expressions.


Our goal is to prove our everyday lives are worth it.

We reject anything else. 

Meet us at the intersection of celebration and relaxation.

Let's take our power back.


Dr. B

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